Download Hills of Glory 3D Android Apk

On July 25, 2013

Android platform is loaded with tower defense games and you can find new every quarter or so. Most of the tower games are unique with the concept so there is quite a competition among them these days. I found hills of glory while searching for new game in this category. I also heard a lot of praise about this game. It is new 3D tower defense game with a new twist in play and 3D graphics.
You can Download Hills of Glory from Google Play store. It is free to download game and considering is a tower defense game, you can expect it to have some replay value. Though It is much different concept compared to the traditional tower defense games, you’ll find it interesting nonetheless. It also has an excellent graphics and gameplay levels, so you’re going to enjoy the game. The concept of the game is unique so your download is definitely worth it.

Game Concept:  The stage is in world war 2 where you are controlling a base and then getting a wave of enemies attacking that base. You need new weapons in each level to protect your base. You have to regularly upgrade the weapons and the placement of it to protect from the enemy tanks. Your towers already get the weapons and you get to just use them over specific points in the level. So it depends on the enemy how they approach your towers.

If they do any type of mistake then they are going to be facing different types of attacks as per the tower strength. Slow approaching tank is easy to analyze and then plan your attack but the faster and random moving tank takes harder to destroy. It will take some time for you to understand this new way of the tower defense game. It is definitely not your typical tower defense style. However, the gameplay becomes addictive for you once you get used to some of the things.

Hills of glory has an excellent graphics and the 3D view of the game makes the gameplay even better. Audio isn’t annoying If you can tolerate the tank sounds and other war sounds. The effects for the weapons and the target hit effects are very good and with HD displays in Android device. If you like war based games on console and the hand-held then this game has the perfect graphics and the gameplay experience that you will experience.

If you like playing tower defense games then I suggest you checking out Hills of Glory 3D game.