Download Nightmarium Android Apk

On July 11, 2013

Nightmarium is small adventure game that is very easy complete and is perfect If you have kids around. It has some funny scary monsters that can keep you busy for sometimes.

You can Download Nightmarium android apk from Google Play store. It is completely free of cost game and there are no in-app ads and purchase necessary. It has interesting game play and quite addictive in it’s own way, so you’re going to play this for some time. As the game is very basic in terms of controls and the overall gameplay, there is very limited level of fun in it. It is also small game and you will finish it in few hours of dedicated session of playing this game.

Plot: You are trying to help a little girl get some sleep by holding the monsters before they wake her up and scare her. The monsters are funny in looks but are scary for the sleeping girl. The layout of the bed and the room is in such way that you have to get rid of these monsters in order to pass the level. If you fail to do that then you have to start from all over again. There isn’t much of animation for the cute monster and the other creeps, so the moves are also limited. You can poke and slice the enemies, but the shaking enemies is not much of interesting and you won’t be enjoying much in the game.

This basically gets you bored after hour of playing the game, so the game has not much of a replay value. It is addictive only from the kids perspective. It is not a scary game, though kids may find humorous entertainment out of this game. Android gamers may not enjoy this game If they are expecting something interesting and addictive like most adventure games out there.

Graphics – Developers have designed the game in comic style characters and situations. Reminds you of the Disney or some other kids comics as the character design and the background is drawn just like that. Monsters and the nightmare creatures are also drawn cute and some of them look scary too. I am sure this will remind you of childhood memories of such creatures.

Game sounds are not annoying and the after shaking reaction of the game is not bad either. The shaking monster is not cool and does make you feel bore after some of the time. That is why I found it repetitive after some time as the same monsters and the things are there atleast.

Though on many points the game is boring and repetitive, you may want to try Nightmarium If you have kids in the house.