Download Slice Fun Android apk – a fun adventure puzzler

On January 18, 2013

If you like playing adventure and puzzle type games then Slice Fun game is worth taking a look at. It is free of cost game so you have nothing to lose.

You can Download Slice Fun Android Apk from Google Store. This free game is from Halkani Games given without any strings attatched. You don’t have to pay for this game. It is also ad free game and there are no in-game subscription, at-least for now. Considering the addictive nature of this game with swiping and tapping, you’re going to enjoy this game just like Angry Birds and fruit ninja.

Gameplay: Do you remember the games where you used to keep the sheep in limited region? If you do then you’re going to find Slice Fun interesting which is also based on the same concept. Only difference is that each level is supposed to be challenging for you to keep the penguins on Ice. You have to cut the ice and at the same time avoid contact with the penguin. This is going to be hard when the penguins are sliding at faster pace. Not much you can have control when there are more than two penguins.

It gets addictive when some of the challenges are hard and fun at the same time. When you cut the ice, the glass in the bottom of the screen shows how much level is left. So once the glass gets empty your level is completed. Make sure you are not touching any penguin while cutting the ice, you lose when you try to cut ice and penguin at the same time. There is one more twist to this game where penguins explode, so you’re going to have a lot of fun while playing this game.

You can also purchase the options like slowing down penguin speed, shrinking and few others to get an advantage over penguins. Purchasing fish can also slow down the penguins which helps you cut the ice faster. There are few other advantages when you shop with your points. Though initial levels doesn’t need any such advantage, you may want to consider using the shop later in your game.

Graphics: The game has very pleasant graphics where you’ll enjoy the background as well as some of the Ice structures in ever level. It isn’t 3D but the graphics is good.

Sound: I didn’t personally found anything interesting in audio and I turned it off. That way It was possible for me to concentrate on cutting the Ice.

Slice Fun is an interesting game to play, If you have sense of humor and like challenging game.