Download The Spookening Android Apk

On June 5, 2013

Have you ever wanted to play the ghost? The spookening is all about scaring the villagers with your ghost skills. It is very interesting game with humor and adventure.

You can download The spookening from Google Play Store. It is 2.99$ game, so not much expensive and considering the replay value and the graphics, It is a very good game to play. However, If you are hardcore gamer on android, then maybe you will find it quite easy to finish the game and also you’ll find it predictable in some of the levels.

Plot : The hero which we are going to play role here, turns into ghost every night and has a job to scare the villager. It is like you are going to be ghost among other ghosts in the village. Though it is quite hard to scare the other villagers, you have to work hard compared to other ghosts. There are total 20 levels with different challenges to complete. During the daytime the soul takes a break and gains some power and during the night, the hero goes on to the mission of scaring the people. It is funny concept of scaring people and completing the level.

Game is relatively easy once you get all the powerups and then it would not take much time for you to complete the game. Though some of the powerups take some time to find. There are some of the abilities that you can purchase from the store and it would be possible for you to level up using them. Some of the abilities can be used to scare the ghosts away from you. e.g. You can use the vortex to scare the ghosts away. Sometime dead villagers come back as black ghost which you are going to have to deal with as well. Though they are easy to deal with the abilities that you get from the completing the levels and taking some objects around.

The game has very good in depth graphics. So you’ll not find much of the problems with the graphics. I have found that the characters and the ghosts are also designed with some level of detailing. The illustration of characters and the plot does have some humor in it as well. So you are going to like some random humor in the game.

Music of the game is good and doesn’t distract much you from the story. It however, does get humorous and makes you laugh at some point. It has humor, action and some good adventure inside this game. If you like such adventure based games then you should download the spookening.