Download Tikki Towers Android Apk

On February 28, 2013

Puzzle games from Wii are now being ported to the mobile platforms like Android and iOS. Now you will be able to play many games which were originally developed for the Wii. One such game that was recently ported to the android – Tikki Towers. It is puzzle adventure game that you will find on wii platform and now play on android at low cost.

You can Download Tikki Towers Android Apk from Google Play store. It is paid game and you have to shell out 2$ USD for this game. Though puzzle games do have their replay value, I found this game worth playing for once only. I don’t think it keeps you hooked enough for any replays. However, If you like adventure puzzle game then you’ll find Tikki Towers worth playing with your kids or for yourself.

Game Play: Your aim here is to save the monkeys from getting killed. The task becomes hard as user will be forced to construct the ladders to get through the levels. While completing the levels, you also have to collect the five bananas which gives you highest rating and unlock the levels. You have to be very careful while collecting them because It could lead to the loss of the monkey lives.

Each level gives you limited amount of bamboos, which makes the game exciting. You have to construct the shape in such way that monkey can collect the banana and get thru the level. You have to be very creative with the structure in order to gain more high-score. With each level you’ll be forced to become creative with the structures in order to complete the levels.

One more thing to watch out here is that laws of physics applies once you hit the tap of completion. So tower may break and your monkey is likely to fall and lose the life. So you have to pay attention to the structure layout so as not to break or leads to fall. First few levels are much easier to deal with but later you’ll find it quite hard to construct the towers. However, though difficult, It won’t take much of your time If you have played similar games in the past. In fact on the difficulty scale, It is much low compared to other other physics games.

Graphics and Sounds: Graphics is good and I didn’t find any quirks with it on even low end android phone. As for sound, better to turn it off for physics game If you wish to concentrate.