Download Tupsu Android Apk

On May 13, 2013

Spirits and Contre Jur are some of the good physics puzzle games that we reviewed earlier. There is one more game that falls into similar theme, called Tupsu. Tupsu is one good physics puzzle game which has beautiful graphics and the gaming experience. It has a lot of similarities with many other games in terms of puzzles. But It does give you some difficult levels to play with and that is what I like about this game. If you like playing atmospheric physics puzzles then I suggest taking a look at this game.

You can Download Tuspsu Android Apk from Android Store. It is a free of cost game and there is no in-game ads or the annoying notifications inside the game. Considering the difficult puzzles, It has a much better replay value compared to similar paid games. You will definitely enjoy the puzzles in the tupsu game. And the tablet controls being very easy, makes you want to play this game again.

Game Play: Game lets you control a blob monster that moves from one place to another, trying to reach the end of the level. There are some other dark creatures you are supposed to avoid and getting in touch with them, ends up killing the monster. So no matter how much cute the dark creatures appear in the level, you’re supposed to stay away from them. Each level also requires you to collect all the four stars while making your exit. Without these stars you won’t be able to get out of the game.

Some of the level makes it really hard for you to move. Not only with the obstacles around but also with the dark creatures blocking your path. You need to find a lot of different moves in order to get the monster out of these obstacles. The placement of the stars is also not comfortable in many future levels.

Monster in the game sticks from one place to another using his eyes, and the swinging is done with the slimy body part that connects the eyes. It does appear somewhat slow while moving and makes you wonder on how to carefully use this monster.

Graphics: At some point you feel like playing contre jur game. It has similarity with blob creature and the background. However the contre jur is dark and has sort of grim feel in the game, you find Tupsu’s environment much more vibrant and energetic. Background sound and the game action sounds are also pleasing and there isn’t anything annoying about the game.

Overall, this game is worth playing if you like atmospheric physics puzzle games.