Download Zombiewood Androd Apk

On May 1, 2013

Zombie Smashing games can be fun but they’re quite violent and gory at the same time. Those who like playing slasher and gory games will surely enjoy Game-loft’s Zombiewood Game. If you check the promo video, you will find some humor and action at the same time. It is not your puzzle or tower defense type of game, It is more of a slasher game where all you have to do is kill zombies in order to survive. Consider this game as more of survival action game where you’re trying to kill zombies in the land of Hollywood.

You can Download Zombiewood android apk from Google Play Store. It is not a paid download so you can enjoy this game for free. Considering the typical slasher game fun, It is worth playing at-least once if you like zombie horror games. One thing to note that this game has in-game purchase mode so higher levels may require some purchase. Notifications in the game can be annoying too, Just make sure you turn them off or use some app that turns off the game notifications. Some gamers also reported the freezing and crashing when the game was updated to the new  version for the level and other updates.

Plot: Zombies are invading the Hollywood and you get total 11 movie stages to save yourself and kill the zombies. You get multiple weapons and the unique modes to play. As this game allows you to connect the point updates to the Internet, you can compete with others on the leader-board for the points.

Graphics: Gameloft being a big gaming company, the level of details in the graphics and the effects are excellent in Zombiewood.  There isn’t much you can comment on the FX side, they’re good when you see zombie smashing. However If you don’t like the 3D style games and the 3D Models of humans are annoying for you then surely you will find this game in a bit bad taste. As the zombies and the humans are designed in 3D figurines, It does look odd at some places.

Audio: I didn’t find much annoying noise or FX sounds in the game. So It is up-to you to see If you like the gaming sounds in the zombiewood.

There are some annoying things about this game like I mentioned earlier. Some updates of the game do not let you open the game. There are some fix from the gameloft for it and also some another updates to fix those bugs. That being said, In-game purchase and the notification are the two things which are quite abused by many game companies lately. Even If you don’t’ find yourself addictive in level 2, you get some In-game notification for purchase of additional levels.

That said, Game is worth playing if you like slasher zombie games.