Editor’s Choice: Top 5 Apps of the week [Can Knockdown 3, Zolo, Gravity guy 2 & more]

On May 20, 2013

For all those who haven’t had the time or were too lazy to search the App Store, we make things easy for you. See here are our top picks for this week.

Can Knockdown 3  ($0.99)

I just can’t get enough of this game. I have played both its predecessor and they were in no way bad games. But, can knockdown 3 is too good that the first two seem like a big flop. The gameplay is unchanged as the ultimate goal of each level is to make sure that no can remains in the bar. Throw baseballs with a swipe and the angle, speed and strategy plays a major role. Can knockdown 3 not only improves with jaw dropping graphics and console like execution but also introduces a new tinge of puzzling to it. Spend a dollar and get addicted.

Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery : Episode 1 ($2.99)

Little Jacob has been naughty this year and he’s sent to a summer cam. Though Jacob Jones reaches there hesitatingly, he finds himself friends with the big-foot giant ‘Yeti’. Though the story line goes that way, the gameplay mostly involves multiple conversations,  interactive environment  vast variety of puzzles, collecting and cracking clues and so on. I have to note here that, no other app has popped my eyes like Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery – this one from unreal engine is at par in graphics with their other titles like Infinity Blade. More episodes are yet to be released and I’m waiting!

Zolo  (Free)

Though the app description didn’t make a great impression, as it was just an app for kids to experiment, the screenshots got me interested enough with the unique design and an unseen plot. Open Zolo and you’ll be amazed by the mixture of folk guitar music, simplest possible interface, cute shapes and the unlimited flexibility of the characters. There are different shapes, colors and designs of body parts which your toddler can combine in any combination to form a toon.  Zolo can do wonders to your kids as it pushes his creativity and imagination.


Redline rush ($0.99)

There is absolutely no bounds of how an addictive endless runner can manifest and in Redline Rush, its sports car vs police. No turns, no traffic, no opponent and not even accelerate. All you need to do is change lanes and keep collecting gold and evade as long as possible.  Crash into something huge and its Game Over. With Breathtaking visuals, 8+8 sports cars, 3 amazing tracks, epic crashes, ‘challenge your friends’ and GameCenter integration, you’ll surely have your money’s worth.


Gravity guy 2 ($0.99)

You’ll be familiar with the original Gravity Guy where you can flip gravity and send our hero from ground to roof to ground and so on. To my initial disappointment, Gravity Guy 2 is nothing like before and is just a new game. Though I felt a bit cheated first, my tears were soaked when it turned out to be as good as any! Here, the guy just keeps running and we have to raise the platform and make his run undisrupted. We also have a jump button to dodge pits. The expert combination of jump and raise will be required to effectively evade lasers, pits, fires and more.


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