Editor’s Choice: Top 5 Apps of the week [Undead Slayer, Wave Trip, Cycloramic 2.0 & more]

On January 25, 2013

What’s On iPhone has always offered the best for its readers and today we are happy to introduce the Editor’s Choice section where we bring you the Top 5 Apps of the Week. For all those who haven’t had the time or were too lazy to research the App Store, we make things easy for you. So, here are our recommended apps of the week:


Killing zombies have always been a major theme for action games, but this one goes old school with it. An ancient Chinese village is the victim and you have to protect it with swords, knives, axes and arrows, instead of guns and bombs. Don’t worry, you are neither weak nor alone as you learn more moves and make worthy friends along your journey to save the world. The awesome immersive graphics and the least possible price tag makes it our choice for the week.


Wave Trip ($1.99)

Lucky Framebrings that Tap Tap Revenge feel back to the table with this app as they combine with music. We have a geometric astronaut roaming around the space filled with numerous orbs and obstacles. Each time you hit an orb, a sound fitting the background score pops in and hence, as you move along, you add great music to the beat. Play the melodious song as you rescue your buddies and each levels feels like a concert.


Banana Kong ($0.99)

This platformer game tells the tale of a gorilla outrunning a banana avalanche (wonder why he is afraid of bananas!). Run, jump, bounce and swing on vines but beware of the crocs, piranhas  boulders and the boiling lava. Collect fruits and pick power ups to help you in the endless run. With complete Game Center integration, race with your friends and brag your scores. So grab this game and see how far you can hold up against the cruel nature.


Cycloramic made into news recently with its jaw-dropping execution of iPhone’s custom vibrations to rotate them in a vertical axis. At that time, it just took 360 degree videos and wasn’t much useful other than for showing off your iPhone 5. We all knew this was coming and here it is; the 2.0 version has hands free panorama built right into the app. Now, you can keep you iPhone on the table, gather around with you buddies and just smile.


To begin with, this game has nothing to do with tennis. An evil energy drink corporation is in town and Pete Pagassi has to stop them to save his home. Being a tennis player, what better way to do that, than serving aces straight to their faces? Bypass the obstacles, bounce off the walls and explode dynamites to mess with the evil clownsand patrol cops. As levels pass, you infiltrate deep into their territory and the ultimate goal of this hilarious game is to destroy the mega-factory.

It would be unfair, if these apps go unmentioned. So, here are our runners up: