Epic Fail Pics – Smile while others cry

On May 24, 2011

Their Motto looks at you  courageously – Smile while others cry. And then the application Epic Fail Pics let the pictures to do all the talking.





Sometimes is unpleasant to watch other people goofing up but  sometimes it’s fun to laugh .  And if it is taken in the right spirit, it can produce sly smiles  and amusements  and the occasional loud laughing. Epic Fail Pics is a collection of pictures of failure. A small amount  of sadistic fun, no crime!


If you don’t have an internet connection to browse the gallery it won’t be a problem.The pictures¬†¬† can be viewed either in portrait or landscape format. If you find any picture that makes you laughing a lot and want to store it for posterity, you can save it in your own photo gallery. Or you can simply bookmark it for easy access.

But you maybe will want to keep the little ones away from it, for it comes with a 12+ rating. Eighth Art Ltd. has introduced that in for the mild or infrequent mature and suggestive themes, alcohol or drug reference, etc. That is creepy, supposing  that some of the pictures are about kids.

You will get new pictures¬† with every free update, so you don’t have to worry¬† that the collection will¬† remain stagnant.