eReader Goes (even more) Mobile

On August 27, 2008

I’ve been a good fan-boy lately and haven’t mentioned eReader in over a week.  This really deserved mention, though.


As I have noted, eReader for iPhone works amazingly well. The original version was fine and the update at the end of July kicked it up to great. The fact that, from the very beginning, you could go to your eReader bookshelf and can not go to your Fictionwise bookshelf, as well, was a terrific convenience. Buying books, however, wasn’t as easy. The eReader site is accessible from the iPhone but the panning and zooming necessary were horrible. Well, that all changed in the last few days.


Fictionwise, the parent company of eReader, just launched an iPhone optimized eReader site. While not specifically for the iPhone, it looks GREAT on the iPhone or iPod Touch. The new site make it incredibly easy to search for books and make new purchases.

The mobile site can even be accessed from within the eReader app. All you have to do is tap the "plus" sign the way you would to go to either the eReader or Fictionwise bookshelf and then choose "Another site" when prompted, Enter the URL and you will jump to the mobile site.

If you love reading ebooks this is a great development for you and a potentially disastrous one for your wallet.


via jkontherun