eReader For iPhone- This Is Just The Beginning

On July 18, 2008

It is no secret that I was thrilled to see eReader software available on the App Store on day one. More information regarding both the initial timing of the release and future plans for the software are now available and it is all good news.

According to the eReader website the decision to release the basic reader as quickly and early as possible, rather than spend months getting every last feature worked into the application, was based on customer feedback. Thus, in early releases of the software they are stressing usability and content connectivity.

In my opinion it was an excellent decision. They got it to market immediately. It works, it is usable and it is stable. For that they should be applauded!

Things are only going to get better, however.

Version 1.1 of eReader for iPhone and iPod touch is scheduled to be released before the end of July.  Among other changes it will include are-

–the ability to get personally created eReader format content onto eReader
–the ability to get eReader content downloaded from other websites
–the ability to browse other sites and directly download from them
–reverse video
–the ability to lock the page orientation
–the option to tap rather than swipe to turn pages
–options to sort your on-device Bookshelf by author, title or most recently purchase
–the ability to browse the web directly and download eReader PDB files
–the ability to move encrypted and unencrypted eBooks directly to eReader

Over time they have pledged to implement all the features that eReader has on other platforms they have pledged to implement.

They also hope to fix a reported issue in which certain large dictionaries cause eReader 1.0 to crash on the iPhone and iPod touch.

It is nice to see decisions based on customer feedback and to have a company being as openly communicative about why decisions were made and what upcoming plans look like.

It is good to see a company that respects their customers.