On December 14, 2008

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Developer’s Notes:
* EYE-TO-EYE COLOR-MATCHING DUEL?* 2-PLAYER SIMULTANEOUS CONTEST MODE?* PROVE HOW GOOD YOUR EYE FOR COLOR REALLY IS?* 16.7 MILLION COLORS&ONLY 3 SLIDERS??EYE vs. EYE Is an intense color-matching duel that pits you against an opponent in a race of color accuracy. Challenge all comers and build your reputation for chromatic perfection.??HOW TO PLAY:?2-players face off on opposite sides of the play field. A random color, the Target, is presented momentarily. Each player uses red/green/blue sliders to try and reproduce the Target color as closely as possible in a limited amount of time. Each player’™s color is compared to the Target and a percentage of accuracy is scored. The higher score wins. A series of games determine the highest average color accuracy. An infinite number of games can be played in a single contest.??

FEATURES:2-player simultaneous contest mode, Solo practice mode, Play with your own soundtrack?

EYE VS. EYE is one in a series of design-oriented games from FORMation, a U.S. graphic design studio.