Facebook iOS app now faster

On August 25, 2012

Sometimes, it is much better to create an application from scratch. This is because you get to start with new codes which may be faster as compared with the old ones. For example, Microsoft has seen that their Windows Mobile wasn’t going anywhere anymore and thus it scratched the development of that project and created the Windows Phone 7 operating system from the bottom up. Facebook also went that route with its iOS app and the result is a much snappier application.

As far as the looks are concerned, you won’t find much difference between the previous Facebook iOS app and the updated version. However, because it now uses the iOS native programming language as compared with the HTML 5 codes, you will now find that it is much faster as compared with the previous version. The reason why Facebook might not have done this earlier is that HTML 5 is a universal language and can easily be ported to different devices. However, the downside is that you sacrifice performance.

Those that use this application regularly should definitely update their Facebook iOS app ASAP. They’ll definitely appreciate the increase in response. Tell us how you feel before and after updating at the comments area.