Facebook Messenger for iPhone now competes directly with WhatsApp – See its new features

On November 14, 2013


Facebook announced a new version of its Messenger application that departs from the parent program and is becoming more independent. The reason is simple: Facebook wants to be as cool as WhatsApp and other instant messaging applications.

The update was announced for a limited number of people last month, and now it’s on iOS and Android. Before the update, users could only give messages to their Facebook friends, without entering the social network.

Now, with the introduction of the telephone number, we can also add to the list of contacts people who are not our friends in Facebook, but those who use Facebook Meessenger and are in the contact list in the phone. Advantages of Facebook Messenger are obvious. The number of contacts you have in Facebook are very high and thus we combine the two universes.

Facebook is trying to do this when they launched Facebook Home – application that puts a launcher on social network integrated into Android phones. Facebook wants to expand. They want us to connect and not to be dependent on them, but because if more people use their apps, even without a Facebook account, they can sell advertising.

In addition, there is a big problem. Young believes that Facebook is not so interesting and spend more time on WhatsApp. This has the advantage of being available on any device. Worldwide, Line is very popular, especially in Asia. Also Viber application that allows phone calls is used by many people. Other popular applications are Wech or Kik.