Farm Life: Spring – Make yourself ready for the ULTIMATE FARMING EXPERIENCE

On May 21, 2011

Make yourself  ready for the ULTIMATE FARMING EXPERIENCE!!! The Spring is here and because of that is also here BEST Farming game for your iPhone / ipod / ipad!!





The application Farm Life: Spring is not just about put in the ground for growing & harvesting,.. It’s about following recipes and Farming Smart with a goal to prepare cool farm products!!

Grow your vegetables , fruits and cereals , Raise cute animals and use “MAKERS” to prepare Cheese, Wine, Floral Decorations, Pies, Popcorn and many more products! Complete Mission to acquire extra bonuses and to progress¬† in the game faster!
TIP: some missions will¬† also give you the opportunity to get the valuable “Petals” which can be used to buy premium stuff from the store that helps you progress in the game much faster.



via @148apps