FIFA 14 coming soon to iOS

On June 27, 2013

Guess what we found out? EA will launch the next FIFA title soon on iOS, quite predictably, named FIFA 14.

Thanks to our friends at PocketGamer, we now know that a feature-filled football showdown is being cooked. The major highlight would be a “unique and intuitive control system” as revealed by the source. This will include the ability to tap on players to pass, drag to move, swipe to shoot etc. This is expected to feel more natural and effective. But if you’re not yet ready for that change, the conventional stick controls are also present in FIFA 14.


Besides the controls, FIFA 14 will sport an extensive range of flexibility of content. 34 different stadiums, over 600 teams in 30 leagues and support for 5 languages are boasted. That’s quite a handful, if you ask me!

The release date is expected to be this autumn and will be available for both iPhone and iPad. The pricing info is still withheld, though. As usual, we’ll give you an in-depth review, as soon as it’s released. So stay tuned.