Finally, A Useful iPhoneApp! “Brewing Buddy” Coming To AppStore

On June 26, 2008


TrouserMac Industires has announced their upcoming contribution to the AppStoree freebies- a little gem they’re calling-


BrewingBuddy brings a beer recipe calculation tool, a brewing helper, and means to share brewing recipes with others to the iPhone. While hops aren’t included, this could be a handy little application. 

In fact, I could actually use this app. A few years back my in-laws got me a brewing kit for my birthday. For some reason I just couldn’t seem to get it right. With BrewingBuddy maybe it will be time to try again.

According to TrouserMac

BrewingBuddy helps you formulate a beer recipe to a particular style or your own style.  Add ingredients and see how they change the formulation of the beer.  When you are ready to brew, BrewingBuddy will help by being your timekeeper.  Have a great recipe you want to share?  BrewinBuddy will let you share that with anyone via our recipe trading site. BrewingBuddy will also help you by keeping tons of great brewing reference information right at your fingertips.