Finger Paint vs Scribble – An iMom Comparison

On July 17, 2008















I love my iKids and they love my iPhone. 

Glad to see apps that are available for them to enjoy as well. While in the car, in the store, attempting a pedicure, this will occupy them just fine.  🙂

So, Finger Paint vs. Scribble


FP was a little tricky to figure out, even for me. 

It’s finger painting! – it is supposed to be brainless. 

Not worth the aggravation and flipping back and forth between the drawing screen and config screen to adjust colors and brush stroke sizes.  It made me want to stop playing after just a few minutes. 

What do the iKids think?  Not interested.  Boo. 

Not even gonna rate it.


Let’s give a shout out to Scribble! 

I like it.  It is what Finger Paint should have been! 

Easy and simple.  Four colors, nothing crazy. 

It is slightly therapeutic for the iMom. 

For the iKids, it’s fun and easy to use. 

Keeps them occupied while I am on the phone.  🙂 

ikid Approved.

Quick Take
Overall Value: Great – it was free
Entertainment Value:  Fun and mindless
Creative Value: Simple
Uniqueness: 0
Graphics: There are no mistakes in art……
Level of Difficulty: Simple
Age Appropriate: Any
Longevity: It is a keeper
Would I buy again?  Sure! (it was free)
Final Statement:  Enjoyed the app – makes me feel like a kid again.