First Look – Dungeon & Hero

On January 9, 2009

Alright folks, I was hoping to have a full review ready by today, but unfortunately (or fortunately?), Dungeon & Hero is a bit more in-depth than I thought it would be. So instead of a review I am going to give everyone a first look at this new game to give everyone a little knowledge about it, and I promise a full review posted next week.

Anyone who has played an RPG game before will easily understand Dungeon & Hero when they start playing. It’s just like any other one really. You pick a class, between warrior, archer, and mage, and accept missions. You do the missions, get experience from killing monsters, rewards for finishing the mission, and you level up making you a stronger fighter capable of taking on stronger enemies. Eventually enough of this and you make it all the way to the final boss, and defeat him and you win! Game over.


I had high hopes for Dungeon & Hero when I first saw it listed in the App Store, so I wasn’t going to be easily impressed. But to my delight it did impress me, greatly in fact. The graphics are pretty good, if anyone has played the older Final Fantasy, likes V, the graphics are comparable to that. Battles aren’t random, as you move about the map you can see any enemy and attack them right from the screen with a series of attacks already placed in convenient buttons along the right or left side. There is also a D-pad on screen to use to move around which couldn’t make things simpler. Storyline is decent, although I’m not much of a storyline person really.

I don’t want to get too deep into this because I am simply going to repeat myself in the review. My overall thought my first few days playing it, BUY IT! This game is easily worth the price tag attached to it, and it’s great if you like RPG’s. Dungeon & Hero is probably going to be the first game I am going to keep after reviewing to enjoy on my own time. Everything else I have reviewed I have downloaded, played, reviewed and then removed from my phone. Dungeon & Hero is going to remain until I have managed to defeat whatever final boss there may be.

My archer is currently only level 16, and I’m not sure what the level cap is just yet, but I know I am nowhere near finished and I already love this game. In fact, I think I am going to go play it some more, and I suggest you guys get started as well.

Dungeon & Hero is available HERE in the App Store for just $4.99