Five must have apps for social gaming

On June 15, 2014

The App Store currently boasts more than 1 Million apps, the most popular category being games. Sometimes we just want to play a game that will keep us occupied for a brief bus ride, and sometimes we are looking for apps to keep us entertained for a cross-country flight. Perhaps the most entertaining aspect of gaming on a smartphone is the fact that it allows us to easily play against real opponents, whether these are our friends or complete strangers. This post will look at five must have apps for social gaming.


Words With Friends Pro

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 3.01.55 PM

Price: $4.99

It is no surprise that word games are immensely popular on the App Store and this game is no different. Unleash your vocabulary and compete against friends in what has quickly become one of the worlds favorite crosswords puzzle game. What’s great about this game is the fact you can play for just a few minutes or you can play for hours depending on how much free time you have.


Family Feud & Friends

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Price: Free

As far back as I can remember Family Feud has been one of the most popular game shows on TV. Now you can experience the exciting Family Feud competition together with Facebook friends and other players. The purpose of this game is to try to name the most popular answers to survey questions posed to 100 people. The game includes built in social features that makes the game even more fun to play.


Slotomania Free Video Slots Games

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Price: Free

If you are looking for a quick time killer or even a way to kill a few hours  then Slotomania is just what you are looking for. The game has been played by millions worldwide and is currently regarded as one of the top social slots game online. What makes this game great is the fact that new games are added all the time, and the creators offer frequent special promotions. If you are often on the go, then the good thing is you can play this game from any device. Why not give Slotomania a spin!


Draw Something

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 5.11.22 PM

Price: $2.99

Draw Something went from being practically unknown to being one of the most popular games on the App Store. The rules of the game is very simple, you draw something and then your opponents have to guess what it is you are drawing. It is easy to play against friends on Facebook or Twitter, the game also comes with a Turn base option where you can play against others on the same device.


Mini Golf Matchup

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 5.16.16 PM

Price: Free

Everyone loves Mini Golf, if you don’t then chances are you have never played it before, because honestly what’s not to love about golf played on a mini course. The game has more than 10 Million players, and is one of the most social golf games on the App Store. Playing against friends couldn’t be any easier.