Flash Player For iPhone…

On June 22, 2009

Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen confirmed that Adobe will release a beta version of Flash Player 10 for a number of smartphone browsers, including Windows Mobile, Android, Palm WebOS, and Symbian devices.

Guess who isn’t on the list?!  I’m starting to think that the iPhone is simply never going to get Flash allowed by Apple.  I would think that at this point, Apple would be less worried about people developing flash applications since they have over 50,000 native ones already on the phone, but then again, I’m not the one running Apple.

I guess its less of a big deal today then it might be in the future in terms of competition to the native development environment, but right now, its really annoying to miss out on a lot of web sites which won’t function properly without that Flash plug in.

I’m guessing that the rumored tablet or any other iPhone OS devlce wont support it either, but it sure does look nice on other devices…