Flash videos to be made available on iPad, iPhones

On September 10, 2011

Apple and Adobe Flash do not have a good relationship with each other. Famous Apple devices such as the iPhone and the iPad do not support Flash by default and that gives headache to a lot developers because a lot of these produces applications such as games and websites through Flash and since these two devices summed up to a lot of the Internet users, they had to use different language of programming to create their application.

The same thing also happened to certain web streaming websites which used Flash-based videos. They were not supported by these devices. Recently however, Adobe has released Flash Media Server 4.5. Well, what is so good about version 4.5?

One astonishing feature is that it supports the Apple iOS which is the operating system for both the iPhone and the iPad. It allows videos to be streamed through a format called MLS which is the format that is supported by the iOS.

This update only means that people can now stream flash based videos but they are still unable to play flash games on their respective devices.