On January 14, 2009

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Developer’s Notes:
A unique combination of puzzle and maze games that challenges you to think ahead! Never spend another boring minute waiting in line or commuting to work.?WARNING: HIGHLY ADDICTIVE GAME!??Find your way out of an ever-changing maze formed by a constant stream of poisonous mushrooms and deadly drops. Visualize, strategize, and use a power-up when all else fails. Fleck is an all-new concept that provides 20 levels of good, old-fashioned fun!??- Excellent graphics, 20 levels of addictive fun,3 game board sizes: 5×5, 6×6, and 7×7, A wide range of options, including cheats, 3 difficulty settings, Time-based or turn-based gameplay modes, Unlimited or Limited Moves modes, 7 different types of Bonuses,  Random Bonuses provide numerous solutions to each level.