On January 14, 2009

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Developer’s Notes:
Easily make your doodles come to life and share them with your friends. FlipBook has everything you need to get started animating, from an eraser to onion skinning to copy and paste to layered drawing. Load images from your photo library, including images taken with your iPhone’s camera, and draw on top of them or make a stop-motion movie. If you make a mistake, touch Undo. Touch Play when you’re ready to see how your movie looks. Share your movie by uploading it to flipbook.tv so that everyone can see it. FlipBook puts animation into your hands.??FlipBook Lite is a trial version of FlipBook. It’s fully functional but limited to 2 movies, with at most 10 frames and 2 layers each, as well as 1 movie hosted on flipbook.tv. Purchase the full version of FlipBook to remove those limits