Follow-Up- Tuesday’s Event Looking Bigger and Better

On September 7, 2008

It is looking increasingly likely that Tuesday will be a big day with regard to what’s on our iPhones and iPod Touchs.

First up, it is looking like Tuesday is iTunes 8 Day. Among other goodies iTunes version 8 is said  bring a Pandora-like recommendation mode. As huge fans of Pandora’s "intelligent" stations we love the idea!

That’s nothing compared to the second improvement that is looking increasingly likely.

It’s looking more and more like iPhone 2.1 is coming in two days. With it we’ll hopefully see cut and paste, the off-line "push" notification system and stability improvements for the on-going crashes that have drawn so much fire in recent weeks. Some are even hoping for a mobile version of iChat. 

There is also little doubt that a new iPod Touch will be dropping. We’ll be getting one and will be posting a thorough review as quickly as possible. 

Rumors? We hope not and in less than two days we’ll know for sure.

via ars technica