Four years of the App Store, a short history

On May 21, 2012

20120521-152453.jpgPeople say time flies well this is one of those moments. Almost four years ago Apple first introduced us to the App Store. The guys at MacStories has an in-depth look back at that time.

In four short years, Apple has gone from telling the world that all you need is a web app and not to install apps on your devices to an industry that has created almost half a million jobs.

Developers have also changed from releasing pointless apps, let’s be honest who needs a farting piano app, to apps that actually change how we manage our days.

Macstories mentions something interesting when they state that “Apple’s own success may be its biggest problem” the App Store is simply growing too fast!

What do you think is the success of the App Store going to cause its ultimate demise?