(App Review) Fragger – Be A Grenade Launcher Expert

On May 29, 2011

Fragger is an awesome application for all of us. Because an year passed from when the app was launched, to celebrate the 1st birthday, this application is free! Look below for more details:

Fragger is a simply guy and his world is at risk. First of all, he needs your help. Your objective is to make all you can to explode all of Fragger‘s enemies, and soon to be your enemies! Show them that you are the best shooter they ever seen, and the last one! Destroy all those bad guys and make your best to unlock 3 different perks.

Fragger has about 310 amazing levels for your entertainment and 10 different worlds. So, for now, you won’t get boored anymore, with Fragger’s help you wil enjoy hours of fun! When you become a grenade launcher expert, and don’t worry, you will! You can even compare your score online with all of the Fragger’s users.

This application has amazing graphics, a great leader board that can offer you many achivements, for you to duel with your friends. The controls are easy to use, has a simple interface, it is a lovely destruction application.