Free… For Now (Act fast)

On September 10, 2008

I am liking this trend a whole lot…

A new app is released but is initially given away (whether for a few days or a certain number of users) in order to get a group using it and (hopefully) talking about it.

It is a big advantage for those of us watching the App Store each night since we might just get an App Gem for free! (I know, I know, most of the time it will be crApp Apps but once in a while…)

Two new apps are free right now on "Initial Release Special". While we can’t vouch for them yet (we just downloaded them ourselves) there’s nothing to lose since… THEY’RE FREE!!!!!

Read on after the jump for details and direct links…

Clockulous- A Big iPhone Clock. (Free for the first 5000 downloaders.)

"Clockulous is simply nothing more than a large digital clock, showing the current time, as well as the current date. You can use it both in portrait mode (e.g. when your iPhone is in the dock) as well as in landscape (making the digits even larger and more visible). Also, coming in a future update we’ll display the week number as well."


–shows the time with or without seconds.

— offers several contrasting color schemes

–Shows or hide the date

And… IT IS FREE!!!!        





Relax- What Ambiance is to sound, Relax is to video. (Normally $2.99, right now, FREE!!!!!)

"Relax is the next generation in relaxation applications. Relax was designed from scratch to give you the most relaxing experience possible while taking advantage of everything the iPhone and iPod touch can offer…Each scene is an endless loop of enjoyment and relaxation."

Relax includes-

– Night in Paradise

– Breezy Meadow

– Mountain Stream

– Campfire

– Under the Sea

–All of the video was filmed in true high definition video

–All of the audio was also recorded in high definition 24bit/192khz true stereo.