Fruit Ninja sells 6 million paid downloads in 10 months

On February 18, 2011

Dollar Ninja It was 21st of April 2010 when Fruit Ninja debuted in the App Store, i even remember how crazy we were playing it all day long. It wasn’t long until press releases about their sales numbers started rolling out, only 2 weeks after the launch they announced sale of 140k units, that was HUGE. Now, fast forwarding 10 months later they are announcing the sale of a whooping 6 million PAID downloads for the iPhone, ALONE. That’s 19801 downloads a day, 825 downloads an hour or 13 downloads a minute. Amazing.

So, how did they decided to celebrate? By making an orchard in a low income native american community by teaming up with the FTPF (Fruit Tree Planting Foundation). Here’s a snippet from their release:

To celebrate the sales and make amends for fruit death worldwide, Halfbrick has partnered with the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation to help give something back to juice lovers. Yep, there is a charity specifically dedicated to growing fruit! The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation plants orchards around the world to benefit communities and the environment. Halfbrick has committed to sponsoring a fully functioning orchard in a low-income Native American community as part of FTPF’s Reservation Preservation program. The harvests will not only provide fresh, healthy sustenance but also income for the long-term benefit of the tribe.

Luke Muscat, lead designer of Fruit Ninja, genuinely feels bad about the destruction of virtual fruit within the popular game. “It’s important for players to know that wasting fruit won’t result in sweet high scores, awesome combos and frenzy moves to show off to their friends. Sensei is a Fruit Ninja master, and will always teach you the ways of virtual fruit destruction – but there won’t be any more fruit to slice if we don’t plant trees!”

Congratulations to Halfbrick for this huge milestone, chopping up 150 billion fruits wasn’t easy.