To Go Native Or Not?

On July 7, 2008

Michael Sanford of FlipSide5 has an excellent post over on his blog about Web Apps vs. Native Apps. He asks the question as to what, if anything, the difference is between the web apps we have been using for the past year and the native apps that are coming at the end of this week.

He answers with this–

Simply put, the native games are way way more fun with much better game play, animations, sounds and lots of compelling features like playing an opponent online, remembers your scores and more. The native iPhone games do NOT require an internet connection unlike the web counterparts. So now you can play on the airplane, on the train, or the kids can play in the backseat of the car no matter where you are driving.

At the same time, while the web apps are free to use the native apps are not. Fortuately, FlipSide5 is pricing their apps competatively. 4InARow touch will run $4.99 and Tic-Tac-Touch will be just $1.99.

Is the price worth it? Seems like it since Michael goes on to note that during beta testing for FlipSide5’s initial native games some referred to “web apps” as “the bad apps” and “native apps” as the “good apps”.

Nuff said!