Google Chrome For iOS Gets Autofill Option

On November 17, 2013


Google makes an update on Chrome applications for mobile devices, adding Autofill function for iOS users.

Android version also received autocompletion capabilities a while ago, but today’s update should improve the experience for both them and iOS users. Autofill needs a Google account for all devices, they will be connected to the internet and have this feature turned on in order to synchronize each email, passwords and personal data. The update is available on iTunes for both iPhone and iPad.

Retailers should also take this capability to their sites, especially now during the holidays, namely Black Friday reductions, and provide the best possible customer experience for buying products. This should basically be a default function that I know many vendors didn’t take it into account. Autocompleting data at the time of checkout on the website can save time and resources and may even increase sales volume. Moreover we discuss of a delicate option, where many of the sites participating in BlackFriday do not even have a quality hosting.

So when you have some forms to fill out, Chrome will automatically write them for you, these will be synchronized with the Chrome browser for desktop and Android. Of course, you need to be logged with the same Google account for the synchronization on all these devices to be possible.

Otherwise, the update does not affect other important news for iPhones.

Google Chrome application for iPhone remains available in the App Store.