Google Chrome now integrates with iOS apps

On May 10, 2013

iOS developers can now embed Chrome browser in their iPhone apps, thanks to a new tool recently released by Google. The whole concept of the tool is to stop sending iPhone users to Apple’s native browser and keep them in the app for things like clicking on a Web link. For users who’ve installed Google Chrome on their iPhones, this tool will make their experience much more seamless when using apps that are friendly to it.

The new tool is the latest in a string of releases Google has made to enhance the iPhone’s user experience. Earlier in the week, Google released a major upgrade to the iOS Gmail app. And just like with the new tool, iPhone users can move very easily from the Gmail app to Chrome, Google Maps, or You Tube applications without necessarily using Apple’s mapping products, Safari browser, or video app because of the new features.

Chrome, Google Maps, and You Tube for iOS are all superb stand-alone apps. Even if the two, Apple and Google, are in competition, Google still caters for the iPhone crowd because they are aware of the affluence of the iPhone users and their willingness to spend on the items usually advertised on their devices.