Google Hangouts with integrated voice calls arrive on iOS

On October 21, 2013


The folks at Google have decided to update its Hangouts app for iDevices. Such Google Hangouts update is welcomed on iOS.

True, it would have pass more time until Google Hangouts app for iPhone received a much needed update. However, the Mountain View giant has just made ??envious Android users who for now don’t have such functionality.

The newest Google Hangouts version on iOS was released in AppStore these days. This allows users to give and receive voice calls through Google Voice and Hangouts. There are also some restrictions that should not be neglected. First, with this release, only owners of iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch can initiate voice calls on the Google network.

Application users can receive and make calls through their Google Voice number. If, you have relatives in the U.S. and Canada, for now, you can call for free on their mobiles, regardless of the network, all from this application . As a small detail, voice calls received through the system will call from the Hangouts application, but those given will be made on your Voice number. If you often listen to music through an iDevice and you receive a call exactly at that moment, do not expect music to be interrupted completely. Instead, the song volume will gradually decrease to better hear the call, after which the song volume will return to normal like before.

A few small updates on the stability and performance are there too. Among other things, Google Hangouts app on iOS can display GIFs in motion without any further intervention from the user.