Google Offers App Store Searches

On June 3, 2010

Not that this is very surprising to us, but Google has begun to offer app store searches in its mobile search engine.  Not only will it let users search Apple’s iTunes, but also the Android Marketplace.

So far, they haven’t added other App stores to the search results, but if your accessing Google from your iPhone, your able to do a search for any app found in Apples App Store.

The search results will only be available if the search includes the terms "app" or "download" but the results show price, rating, and number of reviews a particular app has received.  Users can also click directly through to make a purchase if you find one you’d like to purchase.

So it seems that when users end up with multiple devices in the future running iPhone OS or other App Store OS’s (Android Tablet?), Google will let you get all your results in one place without going into separate App Stores.

Pretty powerful for Google, since it now will have the ability to make money on ads and keyword placement for Apps.