Google starts promoting their iOS Dev Team

On January 1, 2013

Since Apple decided to ditch preloaded Google apps from iOS, Google has been working hard on their own iOS Apps. When viewing the latest ads that have popped up all over the net it becomes apparent that Google has decided to turn their attention to building better apps for iOS.

Screen Shot 2013-01-01 at 12.46.01 PMIt’s interesting that Google is spending so much energy on advertising when you consider that they are currently dominating the App Store top charts, in their new ad campaign they focus on what its iOS apps have to offer including: Google Search, YouTube, Chrome, and Gmail.

The message of the advertisement is that developers working for Google have the chance to “Do cool things that matter” almost as if Apple’s set of apps doesn’t bring any benefit to iOS users.

Finally the ad links to a page with a full breakdown of what the Google iOS mobile apps team has to offer and a chance for prospective employees to apply for a job.