Great iPhone Games to Pass the Time

On September 7, 2011

One thing that the iPhone is good for is its games. It features thousands of games with a lot more coming up daily. It is to no wonder that people are craving for the iPhone by the day. From adventure to retro iPhone games, one can definitely get something to pass the time.

Angry Birds

Made popular through the iPhone, Angry Birds is also available through multiple platforms as well. It is a fun yet addictive game that will make its users begging for more. In fact, in some cases, it may be challenging as well.

Gun Bros

Another addictive game that can be played multiplayer as well through the iPhone Wi-Fi ad-hoc and through 3G, Gun Bros is a game that requires you to shoot down as many enemies as you can without dying.

Cut The Rope

Cut the rope is a puzzle game that is as addictive as any other games mentioned above. With a price tag of $0.99, it can be afforded by almost everyone provided that they have a credit card. It is definitely a game worth trying.