A Guy Who Really Gets Why The iPhone Is Different

On April 11, 2009

We’ve commented time and again on the fact that the iPhone gets BETTER over time. This was driven home to me in two ways yesterday.

First- I was cleaning out my home office and came upon two excellent books that I bought when I first got my original iPhone. Flipping through them I was struck by how completely out of date they are just a year and a half later. Fact is, the device THEY describe isn’t the device ANY of us are using. The bump to version 2.0 of the OS turned the iPhone into something almost entirely new. Even if you have an iPhone original the phone you are holding is NOT the one you bought. It is far far better.

Job’s original plan had worked. By having a device with almost no buttons there has been almost toal flexibility with how the device can be changed, updated etc. Just one example-

iPhone 1.0- portrait mode only; iPhone 2.0- landscape via 3rd party apps; iPhone 3.0 landscape natively.

Second- Here is a clip from CNBC in which someone on television really gets why this device is different.

"How many devices," he asks, "get MORE valuable the longer you hold it??" EXACTLY! The full piece can be found over on TUAW.