Haunting Melissa: the ultimate iOS HD horror experience

On May 16, 2013

Retreat to the darkest corner of your house, put your headphones on, and wait for a hair-raising and blood-curdling experience from Haunting Melissa on your iPhone or iPad. Creepy chilling tropes will fill up your screen in a serialized video horror of a teenage girl living in a remote farmhouse and her company… a locked door hiding a tragic secret.

This app is a new storytelling platform that raises the quality bar for purpose-built iOS experiences beyond doubt. Get to the App Store today if you are a sucker for horrors, and the first episode comes free. And this is only a warm up of what’s to come. With a push notification alerting you on the next release, you’ll continue to get dramatically creeped out watching in first person “Blair Witch”-esque perspective as Melissa and her friends continue exploring the house.

Watched The Ring? And The Ring 2? Then you have an idea of the chill and thrill to expect. Neal Edelstein, the same Hollywood producer behind these thrillers, is the brains behind Haunting Melissa and its underlying content management platform, Hooked Digital Media, which drives the episodic releases of the serialized video horror. In case you prefer the scenes jumping at you from a large screen, there’s AirPlay output support to Apple TV.

Individual episodes are only$0.99, so maybe it’s time you got those popcorns up close and switched off the lights! Heck, you can even try to unravel the dark mystery yourself with other viewers; after all, the spooky, atmospheric serial is designed to be social!

Haunting Melissa [iTunes link]