How To Edit A Command Given To Siri

On April 18, 2013

Siri was originally released by Apple only on iPhone 4S, but during the nearly two years since it is available in iOS received a compatibility with multiple devices, but is not out of its beta version yet. If you use Siri, then you have noticed that at many questions the answer is that the request could not be processed, but that it can perform a search on the internet to find an answer. In some cases, Siri misunderstands the name or word that you dictate causing confusion and ultimately giving inaccurate or incorrect results.

Fortunately, Apple thought about this and adopted a better solution than oblige the users to dictate the entire command again. If Siri did not understand properly what did you dictate, you can manually edit the command so that Siri can process your request again and give us a better response to our request:

  • Hold down the Home button of your iOS device’s to activate Siri;
  • When you dictate something that Siri did not understand, scroll up and look at the dictated text;
  • Click on that and you will notice that the text box will change its color and appear a cursor;
  • Correct the mistakes;
  • Press the OK button on the bottom right corner of the keyboard, and Siri will process your order again and will probably provide a correct response.

In some cases, names or places dictation can be embarrassing and can never be understood, and it is much easier to correct a single word than manual search in Safari or your device.