How To Install WhatsApp Messenger On iPad And iPod Touch Without Jailbreak

On September 7, 2013

Although WhatsApp Messenger is probably the most popular messaging app on the globe, unfortunately it is not available on the iPad or iPod Touch because these devices can’t be activated using a phone number. Those who have made a jailbreak can use a tweak to run WhatsApp Messenger on iPad, those without jailbreak doesn’t have this possibility, at least until today. In the following tutorial I will explain the way in which you can install WhatsApp Messenger on iPad or iPod Touch without jailbreak, but you have to have an iPhone and WhatsApp Messenger application installed and enabled to make the process.

If you strictly follow these steps below, then you can install and use without problems WhatsApp Messenger app on the phone number used to activate the iPhone. Unfortunately you cannot use the app on two iDevices simultaneously, so once you’ve enabled application on the iPad or iPod Touch, the iPhone will not reopen because it will try checking the phone number and you have to start the process again from the tablet.

  • Download ifunbox for your PC from here.
  • Download WhatApp Messenger on an iPhone application and activate the app using his phone number.
  • Download WhatsApp Messenger on your PC using iTunes.
  • In iTunes click on Apps menu on the left, look for WhatsApp Messenger, right-click on the icon and choose show in Finder/Explorer, a folder with the application you are going to open. Copy the app on the Desktop to find it easier in the next step.
  • Open iFunbox, connect your tablet to pc, select it from the right side and in the upper menu click Install App iFunbox. Search the application on the desktop and double click on it to install through iFunbox. At the end of the process, in the iFunbox lower bar you will see the Idle message.
  • Unplug the tablet from PC and connect it to iPhone, then in the right menu of iFunbox click User Applications. Access WhatsApp Messenger from the new list and copy to desktop the Documents and Library folders.
  • Disconnect your iPhone, connect your tablet, then click on the User Applications from the iFunbox menu. Make the same step with the WhatsApp Messenger and copy to desktop the Documents and Library folders, overwriting existing ones.
  • Open the WhatsApp Messenger application on iPad/iPod Touch and make sure you select No when asked if you change mobile phone network. If you press the Yes option, then the application will not work and you have to start again.

The application installed by you has logs available in iPhone, if you have had many conversations there, but if you don’t have the contacts copied and iPad, all conversations will display a phone number and not the people names.