HTC Edge Specs

On November 29, 2011

HTC EdgeNew rumor has been spread about HTC Edge, the first quad-core processor. We can see from the design which is exclusively publicized by PocketNow that HTC Edge does not show many differences from the previous series.  The phone is rumored to have 4.7 inches display with 720 ppi. HTC Edge is equipped with 8 MP camera and physical Android touch buttons. It might be run the upcoming Android Ice Cream Sandwich. However, there hasn’t an announcement what platform this new phone will be running.

What so special about HTC Edge is the processor inside this new phone. It is rumored that HTC Edge is equipped with Nvidia AP20 Tegra 3 processor, which also called quad-core processor. If the rumor is right then HTC Edge will be the first phone using quad-core processor in the world. With 1.5 GHZ clock speed, we can grasp that the phone will offer high performances. PocketNow report that HTC Edge will have 1 GB RAM and 32 GB internal memory. It is also said that HTC Edge will have new Sense 4.0 interface and new HTC content service. New music store, bookstore, gaming hub is possible to be found in this phone. For connectivity, HTC Edge may be armed with Beast Audio Enhancements and Bluetooth 4.0.

With all the features above, HTC Edge is one of the most appealing phones to be waited for. It is predicted to be launched on second quarter of 2012. Big expectations are given by many people in phone market. No wonder, because HTC Edge with all of the features reflect that technology has reached its step forward. In brief, HTC Edge becomes a pioneer of the new quad-core technology and proves that HTC is showing their effort to give latest technology to the costumer. Let’s wait and see how this HTC Edge will turn out to be. We will soon know the truth.