HTC Explorer Review and Specs

On December 11, 2011

HTC Explorer

The latest smartphone that came from HTC will be called as HTC Explorer. Some said that it is the successor of HTC Wildfire S because it has almost the same specification with that version. HTC explorer also has another name; it will be also called as HTC Pico. It will have black color that covered the entire case except the screen of course. At glance, it seems quite thick, and we will guess that it will be a heavy smart phone. As matter of fact, it is not that heavy. Instead it will be a lightweight smartphone.

HTC Pico or HTC Explorer will be appeared heavy because it is thick, but actually it is not. It might HTC Explorer has a lightweight material for its case. It measures 4.25”x2.25”x0.51” or 102.8×57.2×12.9mm. The number over 12mm indicates that it is a thick smart phone because most of the latest smart phone has only about 10 to 11mm as its width. What makes us surprised is that it only weighs for 3.81oz or 108g. Move to the display screen, we will find HTC Explorer has 3.20 inches for its screen. Its integrated with TFT technology that combined with 320×480 pixels resolution that will produce a quite bright and rich color. Still, the same thing we will find on the smartphone, a touchscreen. It has a capacitive and multi-touch touch screen. The Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread will be it OS that integrated with single-core 600MHz scorpion. Qualcomm MSM7227 as its chipset will also support its performance. 512MB RAM for its system memory will give another extra support that makes it performance better and smoother. One thing that becomes a weakness in this HTC Explorer, it only has 90MB internal built-in memory. It would be a serious problem, because it will not affect on the performance. Anyway, it still has card slot that has the capacity up to 32GB for the external memory. It has 1230mAh battery capacity. 3 MP camera will be the only camera in this smart phone.

There are some points with both weakness and strong points of this smart phone that can be your consideration. However, HTC Explorer still worth for $200 to $250.