HTC Sensation XE Review and Specs

On December 5, 2011

HTC Sensation XE

HTC has came to the new of its era, one of its indicators product is the rising of HTC Sensation XE. The coming of newest product with new invention and innovation color up it sales this years. From the released date in October, good responses from public on the very good result in its sales indicate that HTC Sensation XE is one of several products that satisfied the consumer.

The HTC Sensation XE came with some new improvement compare to the original HTC Sensation. It bring the new audio quality because the HTC Sensation XE using Beats Audio. The processor has also improved from the previous dual-core 1.2GHz that replace to 1.5GHz. The HTC Sensation XE also comes with brighter and more vivid screen than the original Sensation, though both still have the same screen  4.3-inch with 540×960 HD pixels. The dimension of Sensation XE still remains the same with the original Sensation, 126.1×65.4×11.3mm. We will find that it is different when we take it in our hand. The HTC Sensation XE is heavier than the older version. The HTC Sensation XE is 151g weight than the original Sensation is 148g weight. The camera that brought by HTC Sensation XE is 8MP. Still lay in the same place with the original one, dual flash, and front-facing snapper. The other part that also being improved is the battery that already boost from 1520mAh to 1730mAh that can stand-by up to 310 hours for the 3G and talk time up to 7 hours 20 minutes. For its memory, it is available with 1GB internal memory and 768 MB RAM.

The HTC Sensation XE is available for about £450 for SIM-free model that quite expensive if compare to the original that only £399. Though it seems little bit more expensive than the older version, it is actually cheaper than the XL version that cost £499. That is all you got, but still the HTC Sensation XE offer an interesting feature and new specification in its hardware.