HTC Vivid Review and Specs

On December 17, 2011

HTC Vivid

HTC Vivid is the smartphone that released by HTC this November. Like what we usually find on the HTC smartphone lately, we will also find a good stuff inside and outside of this HTC Vivid. A wide screen will still be available on this smartphone. Black and white colors will be available to cover the case of HTC Vivid. It will provide an elegant appearance on this HTC Vivid. Under the hood we will also find specification hardware with an excellent quality. It might be the reason that HTC is becoming the vendor that has strong position to be the rival of the high-end vendor.

The design of HTC Vivid will be a wide body with a wide space for the display screen. It will be sized 5.07 x 2.64 x 0.44 inches. 11mm in thickness will be a quite slim design for this smartphone. HTC Vivid will have a heavy weight since it has 177g or 6.24oz for its weight. This heavy weight will not be a serious problem because of its slim design that makes HTC Vivid a handy smartphone. The 5inches long in dimension only left approximately 1 inch for the button and free space. It because HTC Vivid have 4.50 inches display screen that take a wide place for it. This screen is supported with 540×960 pixels resolution and Super LCD capacitive touchscreen as excellent graphic support. Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread is the typical OS on the smartphone that need a good support in performance that used in this smartphone. Dual-core 1.2GHz with Qualcomm APQ8060 chipset will run this device to a good performance with 1GB RAM that makes it comlplete. In the internal built-in memory, there will be 16GB memory that ready to keep all the data. Dual camera will be avalaible with 8MP for the rear-facing camera and 1.3MP for the front-facing. The battery will have 1620mAh capacity to support the performance of all the hardware.

Since HTC Vivid has a good quality inside and outside, it will have a quite affordable price. Like what HTC usually do with an axcellent in all its product, HTC Vivid will also have its own excellent in every part of its body. HTC Vivid will have a quite interesting price on around $450.