iBluetooth – Packed Features but Jailbreak only!

On March 14, 2009

Bluetooth? Yes, you heard it right, Bluetooth done right on the iPhone. Unfortunately, it’s only available for Jailbroken iPhones. Does this entice you none jailbroken iPhone users to finally take the plunge? Although I personally have not fully gone through this application, I can say one thing, it is packed with features and possibilities that are still yet to come.




Here are a few things that it can allow you to do:

  1. Image support is built in, and the file viewer allow you to send ANY file on the device. Key word folks is ANY files. Freeing yourself from the cords is a cool thing!
  2. Capability to send Music from the file system. In the near feature, the developer is expecting to give the capability to send Music that is within the music library.
  3. A2DP (audio stereo), serial port (bluetooth gps), and DUN & LAP (internet navigation) and more…

Overall, this is wonderful news and we hope to see this go to the next level and adopt things that Apple have restricted for some reason or another. We will have an in-depth review of this soon. For the mean time, feel free to visit https://www.medevil.net for more information.