iBooks/Kindle on iPhone

On December 31, 2012

If you like to read a lot, then your iPhone can be a good platform for you to spend your time reading. There are many applications that you can use to read although two applications that we highly recommend are iBooks by Apple and Kindle by Amazon. Believe it or not, iBooks is not pre-installed on the iPhone so you will have the choice between the two that we have mentioned before.

iBooks for example is Apple’s latest offering. It can be used to open PDF files as well as to read books purchased or downloaded from the App Store. It is easy to use and has a wide range of books selection that are decently priced as well. However, in countries outside the United States, you may end up with only free selection of books only considering that Apple do not have an agreement with publishers outside the U.S

Kindle on the other hand is a good choice if you have been purchasing books from Amazon. As far as selection of books is concerned, Kindle has more choices than iBooks although in the end, it is all up to your preference. If you are starting new, we recommend going with iBooks but if you already have an account with Amazon, then Kindle makes a lot of sense.