iGills Smart Diving System turns iPhone to Underwater Gadget

On July 20, 2012

A lot can be said with the potential of the camera present inside the iPhone. It is certainly one of the best in the market and has features that many smartphone cameras do not have such as autofocus settings amongst many others. In fact, the iPhone will be raising the bar a bit more higher with the Diving System.

The Diving System isn’t just an underwater case. It basically turns your iPhone to an advanced diving computer instead and gives you information such as ascent rate, nitrogen loading tracking, low time and many more. In addition to that, you can also take video and photo as well through this casing. Compass, dive logs and flashlight are just some of the things that are present on this system.

However, the Diving System is anything but cheap. At $330 a piece, it is more expensive than the price as an iPhone. However, it is still cheaper than most diving systems so you might want to consider this as a worthy investment, especially if you are both an avid diver and an iPhone user. You can even take some shots and videos through this diving system as well.