I'm Busy SMS – send an automatically SMS when you reject a call

On August 2, 2011

I’m Busy SMS is a tweak available in Cydia for about 2 months to allow owners of devices to send an SMS with predefined text when they were called and cannot answer the phone.

Once you install this tweak you have available in the Settings menu, a submenu from which you can write a dedicated post that will be automatically sent when you reject a call.

At the same submenu we have the ability to set a series of numbers and prefixes for sending an SMS that is displayed only for phone calls that are received by us from a number that begins with one of those prefixes.

In terms of the tweak functionality: when our terminal is blocked and we received a call we have two sliders, the one at the top with I’m Busy SMS and the one at the button with Slide to answer. If you make a Swype on the bottom slider then the call is open and we can talk on the phone, if you make a Swype on the top slider then the call is automatically rejected and sent the predefined SMS from the settings menu. I’m Busy SMS is simple to use and I think Apple would do well to add a similar function in iOS 5 version to its final publication.

The latest version of this Tweak brings the ability to make use the flash LED’s built-in iPhone 4 to be advised when you receive a call. I’m Busy SMS is available in Cydia BigBoss repo‘s for $2.99. You must have at least IOS 4.x installed to use it.