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On January 14, 2009

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Developer’s Notes: ??iMoods is a high quality ambient sound and video app designed to calm your senses, bring tranquility into your day or simply help you focus on whatever work you’re doing. iMoods is flexible enough to let YOU decide what shows on your screen while your ‘˜mood is on. Its simple and elegant user-friendly interface lets you quickly choose a ‘mood and set the mode to play it (video/still, clock or audio only; details below). With its rich list of features, high-definition (HD) quality videos, and 192-bit sounds, iMoods is the ultimate app in its category.??Get yourself in the right mood while you sleep, relax, work or play. Get iMoods.???

INCLUDED MOODS’™iMoods comes pre-loaded with the following’˜moods’™:?

VIDEO&AUDIO- Autumn Waterfall- City- Fireworks- Paradise Beach- Red Rock Falls- Tropical Aquarium?

AUDIO + STILL IMAGE- Birds- Bubbles- Clock- Darth Vader- Rain&Thunder- Whale?- White Noise??We will continue to expand this list, and we will always be guided by the feedback we get from our users, so please don’t hesitate to suggest new moods that you’d like or features that you’d like to see incorporated in future releases of iMoods.?